blender multiple smoke domains

sometimes you need more than one object to produce smoke but hups? what’s that? Just one object produces smoke.

The solution and the reason for this problem are simple:both objects are in the same flow group

What’s flow group?
You can create for an object a group via:
pressing on the cube in the right side bar (where can preferences of objects)
then scroll down to groups and press on the + sign to create a new one

And now you have a group. To asign a smoke domain to a group go to the smoke menu and click into the field flow group, then assign the group with the right smoke producing object.


2 thoughts on “blender multiple smoke domains

  1. thanks for this. it saved me a headache.
    took a bit to understand what you were trying to say. but i figured it out.
    essentially the way it worked for me was: select smoke emitter object. under object data create a group (i called it Flow1). Then select the domain object and under smoke groups, set the flow group to the group previously created (in my case, Flow1). seems to be working well, Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction.


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