tomoyo – tomoyo-loadconfig doesn’t load

You want to load a exception/domain file into tomoyo but you can’t because of some strange errors (exit with 1)?
And you are sure that tomoyo is loaded (has to be in the kernel bootline) and you ran tomoyo-initpolicy as root?

Here is the solution:
You may have not the permission to write into the /sys/…/tomoyo dir. You have to authorize some programs to do so.
Now check /etc/tomoyo/manager.conf. You see multiple paths. Now check if they are all real or went over links.
You can do this with realpath:

realpath <path>
realpath /usr/sbin/tomoyo-editpolicy

if the output is not the same as the input, then replace the path in the file with the output.Now reboot the PC (is needed to load the manager.conf) and now it should work



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