why commercial (proprietary) software sucks

People especially economists compare buying a software with buying a car. But this isn’t true. Actually the purchase is comparable to buy a license to use a special car with many restrictions.

e.g. you can’t

  • install it on as many pcs you want. In contrast everyone you trust and has driver license can drive your car
  • modify it (just a very little).
  • give it away/sell it
  • cannibalize it after it stopped working (a broken car you can strip from useful components)
  • go to a car dealer/repairshop of your choice (there are some movements in the car industry to restrict this either)
  • disable advertisments (in the car world they are optionally for your car)
  • have a choice which car you use. In software world nearly every company tries to lock in the users

One similarity is: you are the product.
Many people live from you by exploiting your nescience (in the car as in the software industry)


how to close small wounds

If you cannibalize old devices for example you will sometimes cut yourself. Of course you don’t want to have a longer break so here is a guide how to close a small wound quickly.

If it’s just a little wound (at best a cut) you can wash the wound (nothing should be in the wound) and your other hand and then press your finger on the wound so the edges of the wound are pressed together. You mustn’t press softly but also you needn’t press ultra-hard.
After some minutes (1-3) you will feel the hurt ceasing but press a bit longer.
Afterwards remove your finger and voila, it doesn’t bleed anymore (but don’t strain it).
This technique is also useful for stopping the bleeding after removing cannulas (with injections I’m not sure if there are sideeffects).

Disclaimer: I’m not a physician. I’m just a tinkerer who learned it from one.